Anonymous asked I don't know if Christians committed the most crimes in the past but right now Christians are officially the most persecuted religious group in the world. Especially in Africa and the middle East Christian chirches regularly get burned down and Christians have to escape from their home towns/countries for fear of violence, rape and murder. In many countries Christians are denied equal rights. This happens a lot more to Christians than any other religious group ( at least in our modern times ).

Not good.

Damned, I completely forgot I had put dicks as my grips. WAY back when I was still building my baby and only had spare parts.
Like its 2007
The sadness in the truth of this makes me laugh.

Some girl just came out of the bar screaming about how she wants equal rights and there should also be ‘LJ’s’(lick jobs) not just bj’s. Anyway, equal rights yeah! Or something.



Well shit.

"I’ll take an order of the chili cheese fries" she said. "And a diet coke" she said.
Scattered clouds over downtown tucson.

I wonder if meteorologists ever get tired of being wrong and get depressed over the fact that their job is useless and could be done by someone looking at the clouds over the horizon while licking their finger to feel which way the wind is blowing.

I Should become a meteorologist and just be like “thank you for joining us today and boy do we have news for you, there is a yes or no chance that it might rain today”.


I hate it when really annoying people are also really nice because then i can’t be mean to them.


Blue light - mazzy star

There’s a blue light
In my best friend’s room
There’s a blue light
In his eye

There’s a blue light, yeah
I want to see it

There’s a ship
That sails by my window
There’s a ship that sails on by

There’s a world under it
I think I see it
Sailing away
I think it’s sailing
Miles crashing me by
Crashing me by
Crashing me by

There’s a world
Outside my doorstep
Flames over
Everyone’s hot
Don’t you see them shining
I want to hear them
Beating for me
I think I hear them

Waves crashing me by
Crashing me by
Crashing me by