Or those automatic hand sinks that turn off before you even have a chance to scrub a finger and you just patiently pull your hands out from under the faucet and put them back in five or six times before you decide to try and figure out a way for it to go longer. You try to scrub you r left hand with itself while the right one keeps the sensor going and you try to pull a quick switcharoo but the sink is too smart for you, it’s like “uh uh u a dum Bitch, u ain’t gonna play me like dat” it can’t even spell but it’s still smarter than you. You keep trying and trying but it doesn’t work and by the 10th or 20th try you’re just like FUCK IT I GUESS I’LL HAVE SOAP ALL OVER MY HANDS FOR THE REST OF THE FUCKING DAY FUCK YOU SINK, FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING WATER NAZI.


Those automatic toilets that just keep flushing no matter what you do until, everyone in the world thinks you took the most massive unflushable dump the world has ever seen.


Anonymous asked You keep saying you have to tell me something, but its too late .. then you die in some horrible freak accident :( I've been having them for a week straight... So don't die ok!!!!

Oh, cool. Maybe you secretly want me to die.


Anonymous asked I had the strangest dream about you :o

Go on


Anonymous asked Let's bone

Lets Bone thugs and harmonise.


It’s not fun if you don’t cum.

If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
Peephole peep watchin.

Anonymous asked I wish to hand feed you French fries.

Oh baby, don’t stop. You’re turning me on.

Facing east over congress from the bridge that connects la placita to the courthouse.